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  • Do you think storm can be an omega level mutant and if so how do you think she would become one?

    Asked by Anonymous


    All right so. Straight up.

    There’s no reason that Ororo already isn’t one.
The fact that it’s never been confirmed in canon ain’t shit to me.

    So what constitutes an Omega-Level Mutant? Limitless power?

    Sorry I don’t have receipts with me; this shit is from memory.

    We know that Jean Grey (and a majority of her genetic offspring) is an Omega-Level mutant. Her telepathic abilities can basically reach any corner of the globe, while her telekinesis can affect objects on a molecular level. She’s also served as host to the Phoenix Force, who, up until quite recently (with the Phoenix Five arc), only chose Omega-Level mutants as her host.

    Apparently, Franklin Richards is an Omega-Level mutant. The kid created another Earth identical to 616.

    Mr. M is an Omega-Level mutant. Didn’t he turn a butterfly into a pterodactyl one time?

    Fricken Iceman has been confirmed as an Omega-Level mutant. Supposedly he hasn’t tapped into his full potential (or from the last of what I read of him), but yeah, here we are.

    Now let’s talk about Ororo.
    Ororo Munroe is the woman whose whose winds can carry her past high-speeding jets.
    Ororo Munroe is the woman whose lightning has affected heavy-hitting opponents the likes of Rogue, Blob, Colossus, and Red Hulk.
    Ororo Munroe is the woman who can affect weather-related energy patterns on a molecular level such that she has taken Norrin Radd in a duel.
    Ororo Munroe is the woman who wielded her own facsimile of Thor’s Mjolnir.
    Ororo Munroe is the woman whose control over pressure is so precise that she has: deflected falling debris, created a buffer inside a noisy club so she and Callisto can have a quiet conversation, made a building explode from the INSIDE, and even created a dome to contain the explosion of a bomb described as a “baby nuke”.
    Ororo Munroe is the woman who can alter all forms of currents; including those of the ocean.
    Ororo Munroe is the woman who, at one point, almost took out the entire population of Earth (humanoid and saurian) by creating the next Ice Age.
    Ororo Munroe is the woman whose control over air is on some Aang/Tenzin/Zaheer level shit that she can and has: kept buildings in tact when separating it from its foundation when lifting it with her winds, preventing any air from entering or leaving a man’s lungs, and increased the air pressure in one’s inner ears to give her the upper hand in a fight.
    Ororo Munroe is the woman who can alter her perceptions such that she can see the world in multi-colored forms of energy; even allowing her to see the electric discharges that the brain gives off to the central nervous system, giving her the advantage in hand-to-hand combat.
    Ororo Munroe is the woman who took on an army of government-sanctioned sentinels (and NO, I’m not talking about Halle Berry).
    Ororo Munroe is the woman who literally blessed the rains down in Africa.
    Ororo Munroe is the woman who created an EMP to take out Cyborg/Clone Thor during Civil War.
    Ororo Munroe is the woman whose brain gives off powerful electromagnetic discharges such that even telepaths the likes of Jean Grey, Charles Xavier, and Amahl Farouk have a difficult time reading her.
    Ororo Munroe is the woman who served as a host to the cosmic entity, Eternity, such that Doctor Strange can perform a surgery on the celestial being.
    Ororo Munroe is the woman who has, in the past, been limited by her physical sense of body and claustrophobia; BUT who has now showing signs of overcoming all of that.
    Ororo Munroe is the woman who has, one time, undid the work of a mystical being by dispersing his energy.
    Ororo Munroe is the woman who can conjure up an outfit with a bolt of lightning (see also: unstable molecules).
    Ororo Munroe is the woman who can FEEL when water evaporates into the air.
    Ororo Munroe is the woman who can sense aircrafts cutting through the atmosphere.
    Ororo Munroe is the woman who, essentially, is IMMUNE to all that shit.

    And how’s about them alternate realities?

    Ororo Munroe became Wonder Woman
    Ororo Munroe became host to the Phoenix Force.
    Ororo Munroe created an atmospherically perfect city for her to live in; a metropolitan I might add.

    Since we’re talking about skill sets.
    Ororo Munroe has bested Cyclops and Callisto WITHOUT her powers for a leadership position.
    Ororo Munroe has held multiple dignitary statuses.
    Ororo Munroe is the ONLY person to serve on the X-Men, Avengers, and the Fantastic Four (SUCK IT WOLVERINE).

    You asked me if Ororo could BECOME an Omega-Level mutant. If this isn’t evidence enough of her already being an Omega-Level mutant (again, just SHORT of it being CONFIRMED in canon), then I don’t know what is.

    People keep thinking Ororo was given the namesake of Storm ‘cause it’s a reflection of her weather-manipulating abilities. Well, that’s part of the reason. Ororo Munroe was given that namesake because that’s what she took the world by.

    about him. .


    he told me his fear and what he needs from me to help him through it. conflicts with my reasoning, but his security is my priority. it takes more than love. it takes understanding and action. it takes conversation and disagreements. it takes breaking down our individual shelters and using the best…

    “ With me, it’s 0 or 100. When I care about you, when I want to be there for you, I do everything I can to make sure you won’t ever doubt me for a moment. I’ve seen what it takes, and I want to take it there with you… ”

    —    quoteabel
    Gods plan is my plan and my plan is Gods plan. .
    Gods plan is my plan and my plan is Gods plan.

    God has been grooming me for something since childhood. Which is why he has blessed me with such a close walk and relationship with him from such an early age.

    I always try to imagine or tell myself what it is. I know what I’m good and gifted at now. I know the things we have accomplished together so far.

    Yet every experience I have with him enhances my perspective of life and why I’ve been called and chosen to be here at this time and in this place.

    I’ve finally allowed myself to come to a place where I can say I don’t know. That only he knows and if he told me to walk with him taking it day by day and that I will be pleased and happy with the end result. I have to trust that.

    That gratitude and trust will beat my pride and fear. And he is the author and finisher of my faith.

    I have to trust that he knows what he is doing even when I don’t understand or caint see it. That he is invested in me and my evolution. That he has never let me down or left my side in my 33 years and he is not about to let me go now.

    I walk by faith and not by sight. It’s gotten me to where I am today. Even if I wanted to I could never change who I truly am or how I see him in everything and everyone in this world.

    Plus why would I change, fear or no fear, I am just as invested in him and his plan as well.

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